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Okay, everyone, here's the place where I post all the various pictures of me. I take all my pictures by myself at home with my digital camera. I like to show off all my various outfits (and undies!), but before anyone asks, there are no "naughty" pictures of me, and there never will be! So, with that, enjoy!

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Sweaterdress (December 2010) dsc_0182_nef.jpg (5705 bytes)
dsc_0074_nef.jpg (5993 bytes) Halloween Kitty (November 2010)
Halloween Naughty Cop (October 2010) dsc_0054.jpg (5803 bytes)
pa160886.jpg (5929 bytes) Burgundy (October 2010)
Sweet and... (October 2010) pa100830.jpg (6136 bytes)
pa100851.jpg (5678 bytes) ... Sexy (October 2010)
Satin Boots (October 2010) pa030829.jpg (6718 bytes)
21.jpg (6518 bytes) Late Summer Outfits (September 2010)
Rocker Chick (May 2010) p5150601.jpg (6017 bytes)
p4250566.jpg (5872 bytes) April Denim (April 2010)

Cute & Brown (January 2010)


p1030495.jpg (4573 bytes)
pc230475.jpg (5953 bytes)  

Christmas Dress (December 2009)

Merry XMas!



Pink Pirate Princess (October 2009)

The last costume pics for this Halloween!


pb010336.jpg (6251 bytes)
pa280304.jpg (5834 bytes)  

Geisha Girl (October 2009)

More Halloween costume fun!



Evil Fairy (October 2009)

Another early Halloween set of pictures!


pa280265.jpg (6218 bytes)
pa240240.jpg (7833 bytes)  

Sissy Maid (October 2009)

Halloween starts early this year, with a set of photos of me in my new pink sissy French Maid outfit!


Short Shorts (July 2009)

Who likes...well, you know!

p7190213.jpg (5089 bytes)
p6300214.jpg (5085 bytes) Cream (June 2009)

Just me in a cute little outfit!

Valentine's Medley (Feb 2009)

Something a little different this year, a guided tour through a number of potential Valentine's outfits, including faves from past years, and of course new selections.

p2140197.jpg (5208 bytes)
p1310125.jpg (6109 bytes) January Outfits (Jan 2009)
Christmas Sexy (Jan 2009) p1040086.jpg (6227 bytes)
pb300035.jpg (6312 bytes) Satin Underneath (Nov 2008)
School's In! (Nov 2008) pb300001.jpg (5599 bytes)
2008septlingerie_18.jpg (6680 bytes) Let's get Sexy! (Sept 2008)
Capri Outfit (Sept 2008) p9070001.jpg (7383 bytes)
p6080001.jpg (6817 bytes) June Pink 1 (June 2008)
June Pink 2 (June 2008) p6290007.jpg (7259 bytes)
p4210001.jpg (7093 bytes) April Day in the Life (April 2008)
April Grey Suit (April 2008) p4210001.jpg (7093 bytes)
p4130001.jpg (7170 bytes)  

April Sunday Morning (April 2008)

Valentine's Day Red Silk (Feb 2008)

Dreaming of a romantic dinner date with a certain boy I know (and the candle-lit fun that would follow) I picked out this outfit

2008vd_0.jpg (5775 bytes)
p5120001.jpg (7059 bytes) Blonde and Brown (May 2007)
Black Suit (May 2007) p5070001.jpg (5154 bytes)
p5070031.jpg (5060 bytes) Mini (May 2007)
Sheer Black (May 2007) p5070001.jpg (4943 bytes)
p3180001.jpg (6795 bytes) Denim (March 2007)
Brown Sweater and Boots (March 2007)

Wow, I can't believe it's March already by the time I post my first set of pictures for 2007! Well, on the upside, they are taken with my new camera, which is so much better than my old one. I think I look good in browns and earth tones, so this outfit jumped out at me today. Besides, you cant go wrong with furry boots!


p1010001.jpg (7798 bytes)
p3180001.jpg (8054 bytes)  

St Pattys Satin (March 2007)

I'm not actually Irish, but that doesn't stop me from dressing in green for the day!

Christmas Eve (December 2006) p1010009.jpg (7172 bytes)
p1010013.jpg (6718 bytes) November Lace (November 2006)
November Leather (November 2006) p1010013.jpg (8183 bytes)
p1010013.jpg (6880 bytes) Black Sheer (August 2006)
Tan Suit (August 2006) p1010014.jpg (6340 bytes)
p1010003.jpg (9370 bytes) Outside (July 2006)

This is me posing in my backyard, near my garden under the trellis of white climbing hydrangea. Luckily none of my neighbors were outside to see me :)

Blue (June 2006) p1010018.jpg (6071 bytes)
p1010008.jpg (6127 bytes) Pink (June 2006)
Too Many Catalogs (December 2005) pc170001.jpg (8041 bytes)
First Wallpaper (May 2005)

Dana, my friend who made the videos, recently sent me this image. I've always meant to create images like this as wallpapers, and Dana must have read my mind!

To download any of my wallpapers, visit the "Kira's Wallpapers" page through the link above.


kirawall_800x600.jpg (115960 bytes)
p3050025.jpg (5031 bytes) Waiting... (March 2005)
Belated Valentine (March 2005) p3050035.jpg (5693 bytes)
p1010005.jpg (6490 bytes) Christmas Wrapping (December 2004)
French Maid (Halloween 2004) 1010027.jpg (63843 bytes)
310001.jpg (6060 bytes) Naughty Schoolgirl (Halloween 2004)
Valentine in Red (February 2004) p2140005.jpg (5507 bytes)
p2140006.jpg (5761 bytes) Valentine in Black (February 2004)
Pinup Girl in White Redux (January 2004) pa220010.jpg (4747 bytes)
p1010001.jpg (43709 bytes) Gotta Go Faux! (January 2004)
Pinup Girl in White (October 2003) pa220012.jpg (4457 bytes)
pa220001.jpg (4085 bytes) Wearing His Shirt... (October 2003)
Kira's "Very Sexy" (September 2003) p1010008.jpg (44136 bytes)
p4050016.jpg (5084 bytes) Sexy Bunny (Easter 2003)
Valentines 2003 p2150x01.jpg (5533 bytes)
pb020001.jpg (5289 bytes) Black Lingerie Bedtime (December 2002)
Pinup Girl (November 2002) PB100016.jpg (4702 bytes)
PB020002.jpg (6099 bytes) Frederick's French Maid (October 2002)
Red Velvet French Maid (October 2002) PB020001.jpg (5566 bytes)
p8110021.jpg (4085 bytes) Blue Vinyl (2002)
Blue Tart (2002) p1010008.jpg (5428 bytes)
p3250001.jpg (7435 bytes) Baby Blue (2002)
Blue Dress and Undies (2002) p8110038.jpg (3972 bytes)
p1010001.jpg (4818 bytes) White Vinyl (2002)
Black Latex (2002) p2100028.jpg (4169 bytes)
PC270001.jpg (4964 bytes) Shiny New Year (New Years 2001)
Santa's Sexy Elf (Christmas 2001) pb020001.jpg (5289 bytes)
P1010001.jpg (5050 bytes) Pretty In Pink (2001)
PVC French Maid (2001) P9290025.jpg (3786 bytes)
p2100001.jpg (3966 bytes) Cotton Candy PVC (2001)
Summer Minidress and White Undies (2001) P1010014.jpg (4971 bytes)
p1010001.jpg (5444 bytes) Grape Crush (2001)
Schoolgirl (2001) P9220001.jpg (3734 bytes)

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